The Radha Krishna Temple Project has been initiated under the guidance of Swami Mukundananda with the blessings of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj. In the phase-wise building of the Radha Krishna temple, an important milestone was reached May 2017 when JK Yog acquired a 5-acre wooded plot in Apex, Chatham county. Subsequently, in June 2017, the adjacent plot of 5-acre was also acquired for the project.  It is a beautiful location, minutes from 751 and less than 10 mins from NC 55, RTP.  The plot situated in a picturesque wooded setting adjacent to the Center for Human Excellence provides a perfect serene backdrop to build a temple for our eternal Lords Radha and Krishna.

The temple construction will be done in stages. In the first phase, the divine leela places of Braj will be replicated on the land, to create the feel of the groves of Braj and Vrindavan.  A small temple will also be built to begin worship services on the property.  Subsequently, the grand main temple will be constructed in the style of the Dwarkadhish temple of Gujarat.
This magnificent abode of Radha Krishna will not just enhance our devotion, but also enrich us with Vedic teachings and culture. Through spiritual activities such as discourses, satsangs, chantings, performing pujas and havans, yoga and meditation, and celebrating festivals and other so many more community offerings and sessions related to health and wellness the temple will serve the community.

The temple is envisioned to provide a relaxing rejuvenating environment for the family to nourish our body, minds and soul.  Your very own joyful destination!  The temple will be built with the generous support of the community.